Placing your Ads in both 2D and 3D Websites is our strategy for your exposure.



Why Advertise with Utherverse?

#1. To Optimize your traffic for very little cost! We have over 10 million registered users worldwide, so all businesses are of interest to Utherverse members.

#2. Our marketing team will help you choose the best placements for your ads where you'll get more exposure and therefore more visitors.

#3. Advertising in the Utherverse 3D Network is a great way for you to brand your company, promote your business, and get tons of traffic for very little cost. We offer a variety of advertising packages and hot spots in high traffic areas. Utherverse is the most advanced 3D environment on the web, so let us help you with your marketing efforts.

How do we Track Ad Spot Effectiveness?

There are multiple spots available in high trafficked areas of the 3D world for Virtual and real world businesses. These spots are sold on a weekly or monthly basis. We can track how much traffic you get by the number of impressions or hits that we get on the different pages.  To see how much traffic you will get in each spot please see the Inworld Advertising page

How do we manage Ad Rotations

We offer millions of impressions daily in our Social Center. We limit the number and type of advertisers at any one time to make sure your advertising has both maximum reach and frequency. Utherverse members are very loyal to our advertisers, so we are able to offer you high CTRs and overall success to your company; whether that be a sale, opt in or other key performance indicators (KPI’s). Social Center ads can be adult and non-adult (impressions vary depending on your creative and language) and are successful for most real world businesses.  If you would like your ad to be shown at a higher rotation than others then that can be considered from our marketing department but will come with a higher fee.  Please contact for further inquiries about rates and ad rotation.

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