Business License assigns a member “UV Business” badge that can be displayed above their username in world

Holders of a Business License have access to the extended Property Catalog with more than 30 exclusive regions

Some doors in world require special roles or licenses requirements to be met prior to placing an offer; i.e. Business License.

Your licensed doors can be managed through the Social Center profile. Choose Property>Doors>Licensed Doors

Doors in world are of 5 different types depending the type, bids and offers are handled differently.

Social Center Door Manager allows you to change your door texture quickly and easily without a need to prop edit in world.

Doors available for licensing in world have specific signs; To view information about the door or license it, simply click on a sign and follow the instructions.

Business Licensing


Getting a Business License gives you a few useful tools to help run your business more efficiently:

1) “UV Business” badge that can be displayed over your username in world.

2) Access to an exclusive list of more than 30 business properties from your Social Center property catalog.

3) Ability to apply for high traffic doors on the streets of RedLightCenter, Virtual Vancouver and other Utherverse owned and operated virtual worlds.

**Please note:

- In order to apply for a Business License, you must have been a member of Utherverse for no less than 6 months and have an existing VIP membership.

- Once you have been approved the funds for covering your license fee will be withdrawn from your account automatically


License fees:

- 250 Rays per 3 months

- 400 Rays per 6 months

- 750 Rays per 1 year

To apply for a Business License, please fill out and submit the following FORM (you have to be logged in to the Social Center).

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